One Secret Ingredient for Better Sleep: Chamomile!

 Chamomile is one of the most popular flowers in the world. Whether it’s a tea, a body spray, perfume, lotion, or any other scented product, you can bet good money there is a chamomile flavor of it. Why is it so popular? Because humans have known for centuries (if not longer) that chamomile has some amazing medicinal benefits. It’s especially useful for calming you down during moments of stress or anxiety. If you want to learn more about why chamomile is so good for stress, sleep, and anxious thoughts, keep reading. Today is all about learning the healing properties of chamomile!

Anxiety and Insomnia Don’t Stand a Chance Against Chamomile

One of the main medicinal reasons people take chamomile is because of its anti-anxiety effects. People usually drink chamomile tea to calm down; others may choose to go the chamomile supplement route. But it’s not just some sort of placebo effect. The chamomile plant has real, potent properties which have a mountain of scientific evidence to support it.

You shouldn’t waste your time or money on just any old chamomile, though. You’re going to want to spend a little extra effort to get the right type. There are many different species of chamomile out there, and if you don’t choose the right one, it could all be a very expensive waste. You need to specifically look for matricaria chamomilla, AKA German chamomile. This is the purest and most potent form of chamomile that exist in nature today. 

We’ve mentioned chamomile tea several times in this post already, but that’s just because drinking chamomile tea is one of the most healthful ways to ingest this plant – unless you live in Germany, that is. The medicinal properties and the abundance of German chamomile are such that German doctors can actually write a prescription for chamomile to those who need it. And unlike most prescription medications for insomnia and anxiety, chamomile prescriptions are class B drugs which are considered safe enough even for pregnant and breastfeeding women. 

The Molecular Science of Chamomile

The evidence behind chamomile isn’t just anecdotal. There’s a plethora of very well-documented scientific research which explicitly identifies how and why chamomile is so good for the human body. Most plant compounds contain smaller trace molecules of healthful substances called flavanols. These flavonols can do many different wonderful things in the human body, including repair oxidative damage caused by stress.

Then there’s the scientifically established connection between chamomile and GABA. GABA is a neurotransmitter that makes the neurons in your brain feel calm and relaxed when it is in abundance. Unfortunately, most people don’t have enough GABA in their brain. This often leads to feelings of anxiety which can induce insomnia. But the botanical compounds in chamomile act in a way that helps make GABA more available in your brain. This sharp increase in free floating GABA is what makes chamomile so effective at calming your nerves and making you feel relaxed.

Chamomile: There’s More Than Meets the Eye

But that’s not all chamomile has to offer. Those are just the most important and most well-researched benefits that man has discovered about chamomile. There are many other healthful benefits that taking chamomile on a regular basis can give you. Mother Nature works in mysterious ways; unlike pharmaceutical drugs, different plant compounds and extracts can help cure many different elements all at the same time! Chamomile is no exception. Just take a look at this short list of all the other reasons people take chamomile for improved health and wellness:

  • To reduce muscle spasms
  • To combat symptoms of hayfever 
  • To reduce inflammation
  • To lessen the frequency and severity of menstrual cramps
  • To reduce ulcers
  • To soothe gastrointestinal distress
  • To reduce hemorrhoid swelling 
  • To make psoriasis go away
  • As a cure for chickenpox
  • To alleviate eczema 

If you’re still reading this and haven’t opened a new tab in your browser to start shopping for chamomile products, we commend you for your patience. We’d also like to help you out with the shopping search. There are so many different ways people can supplement with chamomile now that there’s almost as many chamomile supplements as there are people who want to get it. Take a look at these suggestions in order to find out which one is right for you.

There’s a Wide Variety of Chamomile Supplements Out There

If you’re not a German citizen, then you may think it will be difficult, expensive, or both to get the chamomile supplement you want. Not true! There are tons of different chamomile supplements out there, and most of them aren’t that expensive, either. But the trick is finding the right one. It needs to be a high-quality pure extract of German chamomile – nothing less. Anything else, and you may be missing out on some or most of the benefits the chamomile can provide.

If you can’t get pure chamomile herbal tea, you might want to think about taking a supplement. This brings up another important question: should you take chamomile by itself, or should you combine it with other herbs and extracts in order to compound their effects? Chamomile actually works very well with other natural botanical compounds that have similar properties. So taking it with one or more of these substances can provide some fantastic health and wellness benefits, especially if those compounds also influence GABA or enhance chamomile’s anti-anxiety benefits.

If you want a truly effective chamomile supplement, but you don’t want to take your chamomile by itself, take a close look at the ingredients label and try to pick up a supplement which contains some or all of the following:

  • Lavender 
  • 5-HTP 
  • Passion flower 
  • Valerian root
  • Melatonin

Luckily, you don’t have to go scouring the internet looking for chamomile supplements that contain some or all of these ingredients for a fair price. We already know of a product that will work very well, and also has all of these ingredients on its list! It’s called Avinol PM. It contains all of these ingredients and more, and it’s one of the most effective herbal sleep supplements your money can buy. All it takes is one tablet before bed with a full glass of water and you can look forward to getting the best quality rest that you can get from any chamomile supplement.