Stop Eating Before Bed – It’s Ruining Your Sleep!

The conventional wisdom about eating before bed has been the same for many years: don’t to do it! Most of the time, people say that you might gain weight, sleep poorly, or not be able to get any sleep at all if you eat right before bed. But following a good sleep diet and avoiding food before bedtime is easier said than done. It’s not always easy to fall asleep if your empty stomach is growling and twisting itself inside-out. And for some people, eating late is an inescapable part of their social life.

So what do you do when you have trouble avoiding eating before bed? Is there any way to achieve weight loss, sleep better, stay healthy, and enjoy your late-night meals? There can be. But it can be difficult to master. You should first educate yourself on the realities of why eating before bed is bad for you. Then, if you still insist on eating late at night, you can follow some practical tips and tricks to try and reduce the damage.

Do You Want a Longer Lifespan and Healthspan? Then Don’t Eat Before Bed!

Within the last couple of decades, science has made a huge push into figuring out how longevity works. They’ve also been studying how to increase someone’s quality of life. If you’ve ever heard someone say “40 is the new 30”, it’s thanks to this push into longevity science. And the hot topic of longevity science these days is something called autophagy.

Have you ever watched an old movie where someone would microdose themselves with arsenic in order to build up an immunity to that poison? Autophagy is similar, but much less dangerous and much more natural. Subjecting your body to a tiny amount of stress causes different biological reactions in your body which make you stronger, healthier, and more resilient. It can even turn back the clock a tiny bit and make you feel more youthful.

But everything comes at a cost. And for most people, triggering autophagy can be a bit unpleasant. But you can get a head start by timing your meals so that you spend as many hours as you can in a fasted state overnight. This will require you to give up your evening meals, of course. But if you can wake up feeling refreshed, see more beautiful skin when you look in the mirror, and give yourself a stronger immune system, isn’t it worth it?

If You Have Problems With Inflammation, Then Don’t Eat Before Bed!

Some inflammation is necessary in order for optimal health. If you work out, do you need a little bit of inflammation to recover your strength and improve your cardiovascular health before you workout again. You need inflammation in the form of an immune response whenever you get sick. Otherwise, you would never recover. But when inflammation happens too often, you could end up with annoying problems like arthritic joints, a depressed mood, and even more serious conditions.

So how is this connected to eating before bed? We’re glad you asked:

  • Eating before bed increases your blood sugar
  • This signals your pancreas to release insulin
  • Within a few hours, your blood sugar will crash mightily  
  • This sugar crash will send your body into a panic mode (while you are trying to sleep, no less)
  • The stress hormone, cortisol, spikes in panic mode
  • Too much cortisol in your system kicks the inflammation process into high gear, eventually surpassing normal levels

But if you don’t eat before bed, none of this will happen. As a matter of fact, you will enter a fasted state in which your body starts the autophagy process. And that’s when you start to see healthful results.

If You’re Worried About Adrenal Fatigue, Don’t Eat Before Bed!

Have we mentioned cortisol yet in this article? Because if we haven’t, we need to. We’ve just gone over the strong connection to late night meals and excess cortisol. Adrenal fatigue is one of the many problems you may face if you produce too much of this stress hormone. And guess which organ in your body produces cortisol? If your answer is the adrenal glands, you get a gold star.

Symptoms of minor adrenal fatigue include premature aging, weight gain, brain fog, and unpleasant mood swings. Chronic adrenal fatigue may even lead to something called secondary hypothyroidism. This is different from regular hypothyroidism because your thyroid is being influenced by a problem with your adrenal glands. Primary hypothyroidism is just a malfunction of the thyroid by itself. As bad as a malfunctioning thyroid is, a malfunctioning thyroid which happens along side malfunctioning adrenals compounds the negative health effects that much more.

Tips to Get Around Eating Before Bed

So far, the information we provided you was for factual purposes only. We’re not trying to scare you or manipulate you into behaving any specific way. We just want you to know the truth so that you can make healthy, well informed decisions for yourself. Skipping late-night meals is one decision that thousands of people are making and getting better health and wellness as a result. But that’s not the only thing you can do to extend your quality and quantity of life.

If you’re eating before bed because you can’t fall asleep on an empty stomach, try this instead: a good natural sleep aid like Avinol PM 30 minutes before bedtime. Immediately wash it down with a full glass of water. This will trick your stomach into thinking It is full of food so that you aren’t tossing and turning because your stomach is tossing and turning.

Herbal sleep aids are also good if they contain melatonin like avinol PM does. When your body has more melatonin in it, it signals your biology to stop producing cortisol. This, in turn, mutes the inflammatory response suffered by people who eat too soon before bed.

Lastly, if you simply cannot avoid eating before bed, try a very small, healthy snack which is designed to boost melatonin and 5-HTP levels in your body. Boosting these two important hormones promotes relaxation and helps you get healthier sleep. A small glass of warm milk and one half of a banana make an excellent example snack. The protein in the milk and the B vitamins in the carbs come together and produce more melatonin and 5-HTP. But feel free to choose your own protein and carbohydrate if you don’t like milk or bananas.

We hope this blog post has been helpful, and that you can use the information we’ve provided to get better sleep tonight. Pleasant dreams!